John Bradfield - Lead Developer

“My entire professional career has been in the service industry and it’s most satisfying and rewarding for me to remain attuned to the needs of my clients. The greatest aspiration for me is to exceed expectations whenever possible.”

Red Orchid Projects

We work with clients from all over the world

The business grew out of a lifelong interest in programming and a passion for web design. Starting in 2017, we began assembling a small but talented team that’s blessed with a broad spectrum of commercial experience, from manufacturing to retail to real estate.

This variety of exposure has endowed our team with an understanding of what works in business – and what doesn’t – and the ability to effectively convey and exchange information and ideas.

The company is based on the beautiful Whale Coast, near the most southern tip of Africa. Red Orchid Projects is honoured to service valued clients from other parts Africa and across the globe.

Come aboard! The team at Red Orchid Projects is looking forward to working with you.