Our portfolio selection reflects our commitment to building great websites. Feel free to click on the links to view these sites in more detail.

  • Excellers
  • ☆ Recent Project
  • excellersClick to visit website
    “I’m really happy with the service that I have received from Red Orchid Projects. Knowing nothing about websites it gives me great peace of mind to have John assisting me with mine. I have had only great service: great advice and great work that is done quickly and professionally”

  • Andrea Nel
    Jonannesburg, South Africa


  • Claudie Lemoine
  • ☆ Recent Project
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    “It’s so rewarding to see the results of Red Orchid Projects work for my own website and it struck me how perfectly personalized it is made. I enjoy every moment I look at it and know that everyone will appreciate the professionalism .. And it’s been very easy to work with you guys! Thank you John and Sharmaine.”

  • Claudie Lemoine
    Hermanus, South Africa



  • Linen Hire Solutions
  • ☆ Recent Project
  • linen-hire-solutions
    “Their impressive ‘can-do’ attitude made working together easy, from always being available to help with difficult design decisions, to making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely. They have continued to be helpful and interactive, long after the intitial launch. Thank you Red Orchid Projects for great service!”
  • Jennifer Hamilton
    Gauteng, South Africa


  • Orca Dorca
  • ☆ Recent Project
  • orca-dorca
    “I got a clean, professional looking site that’s easy to use. They have provided excellent support since the site was launched last year, and were very helpful with my requests for changes and additions to keep the site up to date. I have no hesitation in recommending Red Orchid Projects for any web design project.”

  • Sharmaine Pearl Bradfield
    Whale Coast, South Africa


  • Hiring Occasions (Pty)Ltd
  • ☆ Recent Project
  • hiring-occasionsClick to visit website
    “Red Orchid Projects was great to work with and interpreted our needs perfectly. I was greatly impressed with their skills, developing a professional, beautiful website which showcases our company very well. Their outstanding service and all round attention to detail resulted in a very positive experience for us.”

  • Raymond Smith
    Johannesburg, South Africa