7 Good Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website


Beyond just getting your name in front of customers, here are the top 7 key benefits of a business website that are just too good to do without:

1. Word-of-mouth marketing happens when a brand wows a customer to such an extent that they tell their friends. For any business that enjoys a healthy word-of-mouth reputation, it’s important to remember that online reviews are a highly effective form of word-of-mouth marketing since they are real reviews coming directly from real customers.
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Business Website vs Facebook Page: Do You Need Both?


It’s a tempting idea to see if one can get by without one or the other. Can your business make do with just a robust Facebook business page, or do you need both a business website and a Facebook page?

This is a popular question because Facebook accounts are free and easy to set up, while professional websites require an investment in time and money. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons and see what really works.
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Claudie Lemoine’s New Website


Hermanus based Artist and Massage Therapist Claudie Lemoine asked Red Orchid Projects to create a new website to feature her artwork and promote her Massage Therapy clinic in Hermanus.

mediterranean-red-geraniumMediterranean Red Geranium

“To jump into painting was for me very therapeutic. It helps to concentrate on other dimensions and challenges; to grow with colours, perspective and life. The world trend is to learn to help oneself with nature and Massage Therapy helps people in difficulty to regain their mobility and joy of life.” — Claudie Lemoine

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