Claudie Lemoine’s New Website

Hermanus based Artist and Massage Therapist Claudie Lemoine asked Red Orchid Projects to create a new website to feature her artwork and promote her Massage Therapy clinic in Hermanus.

mediterranean-red-geraniumMediterranean Red Geranium

“To jump into painting was for me very therapeutic. It helps to concentrate on other dimensions and challenges; to grow with colours, perspective and life. The world trend is to learn to help oneself with nature and Massage Therapy helps people in difficulty to regain their mobility and joy of life.” — Claudie Lemoine

Claudie’s interest in painting started in her childhood years in France and she has lived both in Morocco and the Sahara, where much of her artistic inspiration comes from.

A Passion for Healing
Claudie says her passion for healing arose from her experience with family members who suffered spinal problems due to accidents. She studied anatomy and physiology, and over the course of 30 years put together the Lemoine Massage Technique. This involves a precise manipulation of the soft tissue, working in conjunction with the muscular structure of the human body and using a combination of trigger point and effleurage techniques to promote efficient results.

The challenge for us was to create a website that would serve both of Claudie’s business interests: Massage Therapy and Artwork. For this project we used and customised a fast-loading theme developed by Automattic, the makers of WordPress. This theme provides a featured image that really does justice to artwork and displays the images very well.

See Claudie Lemoine’s website here:
Featured Image: “Bags of Coloured Cement in Morocco” — Claudie Lemoine

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